Jazz Internet Package In 80 Rupees

As time flies and the internet has become a basic part of life. So for your need, we have uploaded the Jazz Internet Package In 80 Rupees. At a very low rate, you can avail of the package for the whole day, week, or even for a whole month. Different telecom companies offer different deals for a different amount. Jazz has many different and good net packages for its users. Some of the packages are valid only for social media and some are all-rounder. So you can choose which package will go for you. See the details from here.

Jazz Internet Package In 80 Rupees

The package details that we are sharing here are about the weekly youtube bundle offer. In this offer, you will get the package of youtube for the whole month just in RS 80. Subscription details, status code, validity, required balance, Unsub method all are discussed on the below side.

package in 80

Jazz Weekly Youtube Offer:

As we have mentioned above a package just in RS 80. In the package, you will get 5 GB of youtube data. The validity of the package is 7 days. How to subscribe to the bundle on your phone? Then the answer is available on the lower side.

Weekly Youtube Offer Subscription:

To subscribe to the youtube data on the phone you have to dial *570#. Just dial the code on your dialer pad and wait for the confirmation message. When you got the message of the activation then enjoy the youtube on the mobile.

Weekly Youtube Offer Details:

In the package, you will get the 5GB data for the whole 7 days. That is pretty good to see the dramas and the other interesting and entertaining videos on this app.

Weekly Youtube Offer Status Code:

If you want to check the remaining package date and the MBS or GBs then you can dial *570*2#. As the package is done in just RS 80 but the required balance is approximately Rs 95.

Jazz Weekly Youtube Offer Validity:

As from the name you can clearly get that the offer is valid only for the 7 days which means a whole week. In the week you can consume easily 5 Gbs.


To un-sub a package, if you have no idea about the code then you can call on the helpline and that is 111. By calling them you can be able to talk to the franchise person and from there you can easily unsub your bundle.

Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer

Here we have mentioned the Jazz Internet Package In 80 Rupees, from here check how to subscribe to the package and also the code to check the status. Interesting packages details are mentioned here check the Bundlego for more information.

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