Is Jazz Network Going To Be Discontinued

Most of people are looking for the answer to the question, Is Jazz Network Going To Be Discontinued? If you are also looking for the same answer then let me tell you that you need to read the complete article before making any decision. Jazz is one of the top telecommunication companies in Pakistan. In past years, it has acquired the Warid network and after that, the service of Jazz has declined. This network is becoming worst day by day. Sometimes the users of this network face an unfair deduction of balance from their accounts. Likewise, some people face low balance even if they have not used their balance and have internet and call packages.

Is Jazz Network Going To Be Discontinued

After facing troubles, most Jazz customers are leaving this network and switching to other networks in Pakistan. Furthermore, the packages of jazz network are becoming costly day by day and most of its customers cannot afford these packages. Some people think that the company is at loss and that is why they are doing such cheap things.

Why Do People Think That Jazz will discontinue?

There are many reasons behind this and the most common reasons have given on the below side.

Balance Deduction:

As many of the jazz users may face unfair balance deductions from their accounts. It happens even if the person hasn’t on their mobile data but still they are deducting the balance from their account.

Low Service:

Jazz’s service is becoming worst day by day. They have no network coverage in many areas of Pakistan including some urban areas. People face difficulty when they make calls to their loved ones. Furthermore, the 4G internet of Jazz is offering the lowest speed as compared to Ufone 3G internet, etc.

Activation of Packages:

Most of the time it happens that a person doesn’t activate a package but its balance starts deducting. When they ask Jazz why their balance is deducting then the company says that you have activated several services or packages. If a person is not activating packages by himself then who is doing this? Probably it is being activated at the end of the company.

Increase in Package Price:

People are thinking that jazz has bankrupt and that is why they are increasing packages prices. In less than one year, they have doubled the price of most bundles and packages. This thing also irritates people and lets them think that either the company is doing it because it is going to be discontinued soon or just doing to charge more for less.

Will Jazz Network Discontinue in Pakistan?

Some people are also saying that Jazz Network is going to be discontinued soon but there is no truth in this news. There are some technical issues in Jazz Company and they are trying to resolve them. Most of the time Jazz customers feel the loss of their service because the company is trying to upgrade their services and for this, they do some maintenance. They will soon upgrade their services and you will surely love Jazz services once again.

What is the Solution to these Problems?

So, if you are also facing above given problems on the Jazz network then you need to take action against them. There are different platforms where you can raise your voice. First of all, you can make the call to their helpline and can ask about the solution to your problem. If they resolve them well and good and if they don’t resolve then you can mention Jazz on Twitter and can let them know your problem. If they don’t replay in a couple of days then you can visit Voice of Customer on Facebook and can raise your issue. They will surely help you out in resolving your problem regarding Jazz Network in Pakistan.

So, if you are still confused about Is Jazz Network Going To Be Discontinued then you need to know that there is no such news by Jazz and officials that they will stop offering their services. As they will announce any news, we will update it on this website.

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